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  • Christmas is coming !

    Christmas is coming !

    Christmas, baking courses and much much more !

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  • Sourdough September!

    Sourdough September!

    The ninth month is for celebrating sourdough - have a read to find out what we're up to...

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  • French cheese week continues...

    French cheese week continues...

    French cheese frenzy at the loaf !

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  • French cheese week at the loaf

    French cheese week at the loaf

    To celebrate to sporting success of France, we’ve shipped in a few of their finest cheeses!

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  • Beware of sourfaux

    Beware of sourfaux

    As members of the real bread campaign, we are very proud to produce proper bread - this means no flavour enhancers or additives.

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  • Crich Parish Well Dressing 2018 - Sow Seeds of Peace

    Crich Parish Well Dressing 2018 - Sow Seeds of Peace

    The loaf marks its tenth year in Crich by taking part in the 2018 Crich Parish Well Dressing event. In commemoration of the end of World War One, we aim to 'Sow Seeds of Peace'.

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  • We did it!

    We did it!

    The final day of Andrew and Rob Auld's epic cycle from East to West across Britain and Ireland raising money for Prostate Cancer UK. Dunmore Head in their sights and some of Ireland's beautiful scenery to cross.

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  • It's a BLEEP BLEEP to Tipperary!

    It's a BLEEP BLEEP to Tipperary!

    On day 4 of their challenge to cycle the 600 miles from England's furthest Easterly point to Ireland's furthest Westerly, Rob and Andrew head from Dublin to Tipperary. 

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  • Wales green for a reason

    Wales green for a reason

    Crossing Wales as part of our five day C2C2C2C. Pressure on to catch the ferry in Holyhead...did we make it?

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  • Across the middle of England

    Across the middle of England

    Second day of 600 mile cycle ride from Ness Point in Lowestoft to Dunmore Head in South West Ireland raising money for Prostate Cancer UK.

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Across the middle of England

by Andrew Auld

Full team

Another very satisfying day behind us. This time, thankfully, with less incident!

Rob and Andrew ready for departure
Ready for the off!

After a very comfortable night in our AirBnB house in Oakham - albeit rather too short - we were ready to hit the road by just after 8am. The first 20 miles or so were through beautifully bucolic rolling English countryside. I think something that would stop me ever emigrating would be the rolling green farm land of our rural landscape across Britain.

Skirting to the North of Leicester, we then had a climb up to Beacon Hill near Oaks-in-Charnwood, passing the rather impressive looking Mount St Bernard Abbey before descending into Whitwick for our breakfast stop.

Dawnies Cafe
Dawnie’s Cafe

This was at the unassuming looking roadside Caff, Dawnie's Cafe. Fantastic! Good value, freshly prepared and well made food. OK, sourdough wasn't one of the toast options, but to be honest, it's really just about the carbs when you are cycling this far! Rog and Hector were of course there to re-fuel us for the next leg of the route.

This took us through a tiny bit of South Derbyshire before following the Trent for a while into Staffordshire and then West to Rugely.

The full C2C2C2C team
The full team

Here we were met by my Mum and Dad as well as Rog and, to our surprise as we cycled up a group of local school children applauding and cheering! Dad explained that they had just happened to be visiting the leisure centre which was our meeting place and asked him what he was doing waiting around with a camera.

The full picnic table was laid out ready for us with most importantly savoury food. Eating and drinking sugar continuously on the bike means you really crave savoury food when you stop.

Mum and Dad are taking over from Rog on support driving duties and have already done fantastic work raising well over £500 in donations up in Cumbria where they live.

Leaving the Queens at Horton
Queen’s at Horton

The third leg took us up over Cannock Chase, less of a climb than we were expecting, and then on into Shropshire and our last break stop of the day at the Queen's, Horton. Here the owner, on hearing what we were up to, told Mum and Dad that he had recently lost his Father to Prostate Cancer. He then kindly gave us a donation in support of the ride. If you are interested in some of the shocking statistics about the prevalence of this terrible disease, then please visit the Prostate Cancer UK website. If you are moved to give a donation in support of our ride, please go to our justgiving page.

Recovery food
Recovery food?

From there it was quite a speedy run just to the North of Shrewsbury to a village called Knockin where we are staying in the extremely hospitable Old Forge Bed and Breakfast. We ate just next door in the Bradford Arms and on hearing what we were there for, the owner doubled up our mixed grills - our muscles will need the protein?!

Another big day behind us. 256 miles done. But the big hills lie ahead of us tomorrow morning. We have got to catch that ferry at 5:30pm so an early start.

Read more about our journey on my Dad's blog.

And now to bed!

The day in stats

Miles: 121

Climbing feet: 4869

Average speed: 15.2

Time in saddle: 7hrs 57mins

Eggs consumed: 5 each

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